Job Description The electrician is responsible to the Chief Engineer for the safe and efficient operation and maintenance of the vessel's electrical system, including

Job Description Responsible for carrying out welding work to maintain and repair the structure or equipment that requires it. Responsibilities and tasks Perform work

Descipción del cargo A cargo de llevar tareas de mantenimiento y reparaciones en la Sala de Máquina. Los aceiteros están bajo el mando de los ingenieros y Jefe de Máquinas, [&h

Description of the position Directly under the command of the Chief Engineer. Plays a fundamental role in the maintenance, operation and repair of propulsion systems

Description of the position The Chief Engineer is responsible to the Captain for the management of the Engineering Department. Supervises and coordinates operations and maintenance of

Job Description The cook plays a vital role in the crew, he is in charge of managing and preparing meals on board. Responsibilities and tasks